FXO / FXS Gateways

Analog Telephone Gateways are used to convert either POTS (FXO) (Plain Old (Analog) Telephone Lines) into VoIP / SIP capable telephone lines for use with today's IP-PBX Telephone Systems and equipment.

(FXS) Gateways can also be used to convert and utilize existing devices such as desk telephones and older fax machines into SIP capable devices.

With our business telephone gateways you can expand or convert analog telephone lines or analog telephone equipment end-points to digital based systems instead of completely replacing older equipment. Although most new IP-PBX Phone Systems, SIP Trunks and office telephones are less costly in the market, in some cases you may want to keep existing infrastructure where it is not feasible to upgrade to newer technology. These Gateway devices allow you to convert your older hardware to new telecommunications standards.