Yeastar Modules

Yeastar Modules & Expansion Boards - S-Series

VoIP / IP-PBX Phone Systems provide flexible telephony features when combined with scalability for a unique modular design. Yestar is one of the only phone systems on the market with this small form factor scalabilty. Along with the built-in feature rich SIP capabilities, the S-Series lets you decide what types of extensions and physical trunks you need in your telephone system - in addition to VoIP expansion, GSM/3G (back-up phone line service solutions) PRI/E1/T1 interface and scalable capacity expansion.

When your business grows, adding more users and concurrent calls is also possible with S-Series.

Yeastar Modules for the S-Series - Add Interfaces

With Yeastar S-Series, all the telephony interfaces are modular and customizable, whether it's FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G, or E1/T1/PRI. S20 has 2 onboard module slots and S50 supports 4.

Expansion Card / Boards

S100 and S300 require the combination of the EX08 Expansion Board to add telephony interfaces. S100 allows 2 EX08 Expansion Boards and S300 supports 3 expansion boards. D30 Module adds 100 VoIP Users + 30 Concurrent Calls. These two models also allow for direct PRI/E1/T1 interface using the EX30 on board expansion card for telephone lines.