PRO PBX Configuration

Save time. Save effort.

Let us set-up your PBX Phone System properly - right from the start!

We can configure your new phone system with the most current updated firmware and operating system, properly secure the system for IP / VoIP security issues, and the most commonly used features you will need to use to get up and running quickly.

We also set-up extensions for your company employees and departments, and auto-admin features for when callers call into your system.

You can always change or update as you need to. But, our configuration service saves you the "start-up" time which can be time consuming if you don't know exactly what you're doing. This is also where security comes in, we do it right - right from the start!

System configuration cost vary depending on modelas listed on PBX System Models listed here ⇨

Once your new system arrives, all you do is:

  • Unpack it.
  • Review the included CONDENSED SBP SET-UP GUIDE which includes important secure network set-up details.
  • Plug in the phone lines to the main device.
  • Power up your desk and/or cordless phones.
  • Your business is ready to start using your new phone system!

Steps to order:

1) Choose your phone system.

2) Select "Preconfigure" as an option when ordering...

Before shipping, once we begin setting up your system, we will send you a set-up sheet to complete so we can program your PBX system.

We also offer additional Remote Training for your system administrator as per additional costs (below).

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