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Our remote training for your PBX Phone System site administrator is a hands on training session. We'll connect remotely with you using our PC-to-PC training module.

During the training, your administrator will learn how to use basic functions and features, and will be shown some advanced functions to streamline how you use your system company wide.

We'll also double check your system & set-up for known security issues, and explain those issues to your site administrator so they are better aware of the technical aspects of your small business phone system and phone set-up procedures.

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NOTE: Some Telephony features listed above may require interoperability with-in a PBX phone system environment set-up. Some features listed are relate to 'device specific manufacturer specifications' only. When used with a compatible PBX Phone System some SIP client devices (IP Phones) have additional feature become available when used in conjunction with the PBX itself. IE: Call Park / Call Return is a function 'on a PBX system configuration'. It will become a usable feature on the SIP Client / IP Phone device in conjunction with the PBX main system.