Snom M700 Cordless Base Unit - VoIP SIP DECT

Snom M700 Base Unit - Expandable Cordless Freedom

The M700 IP DECT multi-cell base station provides VoIP wireless coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings. It offers business class mobility with VoIP cordless DECT multi-cell telecommunication. Each base station can be configured for up to 30 - M25, M65 and/or M85 handsets with up to 253 - M700s in a deployment, accommodating a total of 1000 handsets and enabling coverage of entire business, warehouse, office, or corporate complexes across large areas.

Connected M65 handsets and enjoy IP phone system features such as direct search in the corporate directory and HD audio.

The M700 supports the M5 repeaters with DECT encryption to increase coverage. Wireless security is ensured by DECT encryption, while TLS and SRTP ensure secure SIP communication. Setup is easy and intuitive and there are no additional license charges.

Snom M700 Cordless Base Features

Snom’s multicell DECT solution links multiple M700 base stations together, forming a seamless network to allow free movement between base stations. Initiated calls continue uninterrupted while moving from one station to the next. The multi-cell solution also supports the M5 repeaters(2) with DECT encryption to further increase reception range.

  • Up to 30 handsets per base station in single cell mode
  • Scalable up to 253 base stations (Add additional base stations for large environments)
  • For up to 1000 handsets per installation
  • Indoors: Up to 50 meters (per base unit)
  • Outdoors: Up to 300 meters (per base unit, for indoor use only)
  • Wideband audio
  • Over-the-air synchronization
  • Repeater support
  • Snom provisioning
  • No hidden costs for licenses
  • No DECT manager required

Snom Compatible Cordless Handsets

snom M700 compatible cordless IP phone models

M25 Office Cordless Handset

M65 Professional Handset

M85 Industrial Rugged Handset

Also compatible with the M5 Range Extender / Repeater

Brand Manufacturer:
Snom Canada
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Equipment Use Type:
Cordless - Base Units - DECT
Base Supports:
1,000 Handsets (Multicell)
Gigabyte - 10 100 1000 Network:
Uses 10 100 networking only
PoE - Power Over Ethernet:
HD Audio:
Base Stand Included:
Wall Mount Included:
No - Sold Separately
SIP Accounts Supported:
Multilanguage Support:
Encryption: Standard - TLS - SRTP:

M700 Datasheet - English (snom_M700_datasheet_en_1-2-1.pdf, 1,500 Kb) [Download]

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Base Supports1,000 Handsets (Multicell)