YeaStar S100 IP-PBX Phone System

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When selecting EX08 cards, the FXO/FXS selection on this product is a basic guide only. See module page for additional options.
If the combinations you are looking for do not come up, you can select the closest match, then add any additional FXO/FXS modules on the Module Add-on page.

Max. Call Capacity30 (expandable up to 60) ProcessorA9 ARM quad-core

The YeaStar S100 IP-PBX Phone System Details

This IP-PBX is a mid range PBX solution with expandable module design for small business. This telephone system provides for analog and VoIP / SIP calling features, as well as PRI (E1/T1) lines, BRI lines and up to 6 GSM/CDMA/3G/4G mobile service lines.

One of the great things about YeaStar systems is not only the modular mix and match hardware designs - YeaStar is one of the only manufacturer who fully integrates Automatic Provisioning of select third party IP Phones!

The YeaStar S-Series systems modular design allows you to create your own phone system package, based on Your needs, with FXO (Analog Extension ports), or FXS (Analog Telephone Line Ports). Each port set can be enabled and expanded by purchasing separate cards based on your specific needs!

YeaStar S100 build your own system details

VoIP Trunk Channels come standard with 100 VoIP / SIP trunks available right out of the box.

The S-Series are excellent for small-to-medium enterprise (SME), corporate offices and central to retail branch stores and anywhere you need 1 to 100 user extensions, The S100 model allows doubling of the capacity on the system as your business needs grow. Add up to 200 users or increase concurrent call capacity from 30 to 60 in a snap...

S100 pbx phone system modulesFlexible clustered upgrade modules allow you to increase user/extension and analog (FXO) telephone lines, as well as add PRI lines or GSM/Mobile service lines where analog or SIP telephone line service may not be available.

If you need to add two, four or up to 16 analog telephone lines, simply add the optional GX08 cards and O2 Modules (FXO port card), and you're up and running in seconds with the upgrade options. Or, mix FXO ports (telephone line ports) with FXS ports (analog extension ports) with a S2 Module to create a split port use system.

Of course, if you're only going to use VoIP / SIP Trunking telephone service on the YeaStar S100- you don't need to spend the extra on adding modules you won't need.

linkus yeastar mobile device pc appYeaStar S100 Unified IP-PBX Communications

Communicate whether on the road, in a hotel, or out for lunch - ease of use and flexible!

Not only do you have access around the office, or at remote locations like home or satellite branches using cordless and desk top IP phones - the YeaStar Linkus Mobile and PC App allows you to connect anywhere, view colleagues' presence status and synchronize data!

Use one extension for yourself or other workers - and communicate across several devices.

The Linkus App also synchronizes call history and corporate directory information - AUTOMATICALLY.

linkus pc connectLinkUS Mobile Device App includes: HD VoIP Calls, Presence information, Company directory listing, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, SRTP Secure Media, Advanced call handling.

Check your voicemails and call in/out of the office main PBX System lines. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

LinkUS PC includes the mobile features and a few additional ones, such as: File sharing, CRM integration.


Third Party IP Phone Endpoint Integration

That's right - they integrate with other popular brand manufacturers' SIP endpoints - right out of the box. Third party device provisioning is available for these IP Phone brands available here at YeaLink, GrandStream, Snom, Panasonic, Mitel, Cisco, Alcatel, Fanvil, and more. Auto-provisioning is also available for YeaStar Gateways - allowing you to expand your Analog to SIP telephone line capacity with different YeaStar IP-PBX phone system supported models.


Brand Manufacturer:
YeaStar Canada
SKU - Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
IP-PBX Phone System Main Box
Max. Call Capacity :
30 (expandable up to 60)
SIP Extension Capacity :
100 (expandable up to 200)
VoIP Trunk Capacity :
Analog (FXO) Phone Line Capacity :
Analog (FXS) Extension Ports :
Gigabit Network Ports:
1 WAN - 1 LAN
Expandable Storage Memory:
Yes - SD Card
A9 ARM quad-core
Internal Memory:
10000 minutes - expandable
Multi-Site Connect :
IVR - Auto Admins :
Multi-Company Capable :
Live Call Recording Server :
CRD (Call Detail Records) :
Multi-Language Support :
Supports SIP Video :
SIP Video Codecs :
H.264 - H.263 or H.263+
Security :
Yes - SRTP - TLS and HTTPS encyrption
Call Queue - Call Center Functions :
Call Monitoring - Call Recording :
Auto Configure SIP Endpoints :
Manual Configure SIP Endpoints :
Fax Functions - Fax to Email :
Conference System :
Conference Scheduling - Auto-Emails Notification :
Back-up - Recovery - Automation :
Yes - Scheduled+Manual - Configuration - Partial - Select & Full Back-up options + Call Recordings
Back-up to Remote Locations :

YeaStar IP-PBX Comparison Matrix (Yeastar-S-Series-VoIP-IPPBX-Datasheet_english.pdf, 591 Kb) [Download]