YeaStar S300 IP-PBX Phone System

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YeaStar S300 IP-PBX Phone System for Business

Yeastar S300 delivers enterprise-class IP telephony services with a base configuration that supports 300 users and is expandable to 500 users. This model is a stand-alone telephone system which offers an unrivalled range of features to large business needing lots of head room. It supports 60 (expandable up to 120) concurrent calls and a variety customizable telephone service ports including up to 24 FXS/PSTN/Analog Telephone Lines, 3 E1/T1/PRI Ports, and/or 6 GSM/3G/4G Channels.

The base unit allows you to set-up different line service options with fail-over functions for busy corporate businesses needing robust service for telecommunication.

Specifications of the YeaStar S300 Business Phone System

YeaStar S300 ip-pbx customizable phone systemFlexible Modular Design - With Yeastar S-Series, all the telephony interfaces are modular and customizable, S300 allow 3 Expansion Boards and Telephony Modules to add telephony interfaces.

Security - Protected from Internet hackers, viruses with built-in firewall, TLS, SRTP, and more.

Performance - Powered by Freescale ARM A9 industrial grade quad-core CPU processors.

Future-proof - Free lifetime software/firmware upgrade assure reliability over the years.

Easy to use - Save time with streamlined installation. Manage PBX on the intuitive web GUI.

Fast deployment and phone provisioning - Automatically provision phones from a wide variety of manufacturers including: Yealink, GrandStream, Snom, VTech, Polycom, Cisco and more.

Power your communications with Apps - Independent from the main framework of the system, App Center allows you to easily install, upgrade and manage all apps on PBX with a simple click.

Easy access to a wealth of PBX features

Extend features when needed

Add/upgrade/manage easily

linkus yeastar mobile device pc appYeaStar S300 Unified IP-PBX Communications

Communicate whether on the road, in a hotel, or out for lunch - ease of use and flexible!

Not only do you have access around the office, or at remote locations like home or satellite branches using cordless and desk top IP phones - the YeaStar Linkus Mobile and PC App allows you to connect anywhere, view colleagues' presence status and synchronize data!

Use one extension for yourself or other workers - and communicate across several devices.

The Linkus App also synchronizes call history and corporate directory information - AUTOMATICALLY.

linkus pc connectLinkUS Mobile Device App includes: HD VoIP Calls, Presence information, Company directory listing, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, SRTP Secure Media, Advanced call handling.

Check your voicemails and call in/out of the office main PBX System lines. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

LinkUS PC includes the mobile features and a few additional ones, such as: File sharing, CRM integration.


Third Party IP Phone Endpoint Integration

That's right - they integrate with other popular brand manufacturers' SIP endpoints - right out of the box. Third party device provisioning is available for these IP Phone brands available here at YeaLink, GrandStream, Snom, Panasonic, Mitel, Cisco, Alcatel, Fanvil, and more. Auto-provisioning is also available for YeaStar Gateways - allowing you to expand your Analog to SIP telephone line capacity with different YeaStar IP-PBX phone system supported models.


Brand Manufacturer:
YeaStar Canada
Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
IP-PBX Phone System Main Box


Analog (FXO) Phone Line Capacity :
VoIP Trunk Capacity :
SIP Extension Capacity :
300 (expandable up to 500)
Concurrent Call Capacity :
60 (expandable up to 120)
Analog (FXS) Extension Ports :
Gigabit Network Ports:
1 WAN - 1 LAN
Expandable Storage Memory:
Yes - SD Card plus 2.5 inch SATA HDD
A9 ARM quad-core
Internal Memory:
10000 minutes - expandable


Multi-Site Connect :
IVR - Auto Admins :
Multi-Company Capable :
Live Call Recording Server :
CRD (Call Detail Records) :
Multi-Language Support :
Supports SIP Video :
SIP Video Codecs :
H.264 - H.263 or H.263+
Security :
Yes - SRTP - TLS and HTTPS encyrption
Call Queue - Call Center Functions :
Call Monitoring - Call Recording :
Auto Configure SIP Endpoints :
Manual Configure SIP Endpoints :
Fax Functions - Fax to Email :
Conference System :
Conference Scheduling - Auto-Emails Notification :
Back-up - Recovery - Automation :
Yes - Schduled/Manual - Configuration & Full Back-up options
Back-up to Remote Locations :

NOTE: Some Telephony features listed above may require interoperability with-in a PBX phone system environment set-up. Some features listed are relate to 'device specific manufacturer specifications' only. When used with a compatible PBX Phone System some SIP client devices (IP Phones) have additional feature become available when used in conjunction with the PBX itself. IE: Call Park / Call Return is a function 'on a PBX system configuration'. It will become a usable feature on the SIP Client / IP Phone device in conjunction with the PBX main system.

YeaStar IP-PBX Comparison Matrix (Yeastar-S-Series-VoIP-IPPBX-Datasheet_english.pdf, 591 Kb) [Download]