Professional Phone System Set-up

Pro Business Phone System Set-up Canada

Save time & effort with our Pros...

We can configure your new phone system which can save you days on initial set-up time. We will also properly harden & secure your new phone system for local and remote users, VoIP telephone service & other commonly missed security issues.

Our configuration service saves you TONNES of critical "start-up" time right out of the box - especially if you want to start using your new phone system quickly when it arrives!

What our phone system configuration includes:

  • We set-up ALL the most commonly used features you will use - to get up and running quickly.
  • You just plug-n-play when it arrives!
  • We set-up your users / extensions for your company employees and departments.
  • We set-up IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / Auto-admin features for when callers call into your system.
  • Initial set-up includes 1 IVR professional recording, loaded on the system. (Regular hours and After hours recordings sound files)

You can always make your own changes as you need to once you're phone system is installed!

Once your new phone system arrives - all you do is:

  • Unpack your IP-PBX and telephones.
  • Review the included "Network Set-up Sheet" which includes important pre-installation details.
  • Plug in the phone lines to the main phone system box.
  • Or, if using our VoIP telephone line service - it's already set to do calls!
  • Power up your desk and/or cordless phones.
  • Your business is ready to start using your new phone system!

Steps when ordering your Phone System:

1) Choose your phone system.

2) Select "Pre-configure" as an option when ordering...

Once we begin provisioning your phone system and phones, we will send you a basic details sheet to complete so we can program your new PBX system.

We also offer Remote Training for your system administrator as well as Managed PBX Services.

System configuration cost vary depending on

PBX System Models listed here ⇨