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Monitoring Controllers allow you to create a redundant back-up solution. These monitoring controllers connect two main devices, so if one fails, the controller switches to the back-up device for continued service.

Currently the GrandStream HA100 is the only one available, and is used with two GrandStream UCM6510 IP PBX Phone Systems for telecommunications back-up redundancy.

The GrandStream HA100 is a failover solution for the UCM6510 IP PBX Phone Systems. Connect and maintain redundant automatic switch back-up for two UCM6510s with the HA100. Compatibility: only with the GrandStream UCM6510 IP-PBX Phone Systems Rear interface: 2x RS485 --> 2x FXS (RJ11) --> 2x FXO (RJ11 ) --> 1x T1/E1/J1 (RJ48) --> 1x LAN (RJ45) --> 1x WAN (RJ45) --> Reset, 12V power, ground Front Panel Interfaces: 4x FXS (RJ11) --> 4x FXO (RJ11) --> 2x T1/E1/J1 (RJ48) --> 2x LAN (RJ45) --> 2x WAN (RJ45)
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