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These IP Phone Extension Modules allow you to extend, expand and upgrade your reception phone, desktop work phone or boardroom conference phone device.

The brands we carry are well known for their reliability and flexible programming capabilities, whenever you need to expand your telephone equipment needs.

Depending on your main IP phone device, you may be able to expand programmable buttons, add corded or cordless headset and microphone capabilities, or upgrade functionality and audio or video coverage. These SIP phone accessories are all compatible with-in their different Manufacturers' Brand and between different phone device models...

It is important to only use the expansion modules and add-on apparatus "specifically designed for your brand", or tested & verified third party equipment listed by the manufacturer - of the manufacturer's telephone equipment. Using incorrect equipment can sometimes cause features not to function, or worse - render the main device permanently inoperable if mixed with incorrect equipment. Also be cautious with third party "after-market" devices. Quite often these "knock-offs" will not be properly formatted physically or in programming with your brand device.

On our site - we list and cross reference all the "IP Phone Models" for each extension module it was specifically designed for.

The Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module attendant sidecar features a large color LCD and 20 programmable buttons, giving you a vivid visual experience. The T5 Series  will expand the functional capability of your SIP phone to a whole new level.
Programmable VMPKs softkeys20 per page - x3 scrolling pages = 60 Total Extension Module ExpansionYes - daisy-chain up to 3 (EXP50's)
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This attendant expansion module is a feature set - programmable accessory for expanding visual indicators on specific models of IP Phones. Adds - 40 keys (2 pages scrolling 20 keys) LEDs - for GXP2200, GXP2140, GXP2170 and GXV3240.
LCD ScreenMonochrome Programmable VMPKs softkeys20 per page - x3 scrolling pages = 60 Total Extension Module ExpansionYes - daisy-chain up to 4 (GXP2200EXT)
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Grandstream GBX20 is an expansion sidecar module designed to expand LED and programmable buttons for heads up display of phone system extensions, speed dials and other programmable functions. Also known as a switchboard module, this is a must have IP Phone accessory.
LCD Screen4.3 inch Colour Programmable VMPKs softkeys20 per page - x2 scrolling pages = 40 Extension Module ExpansionYes - daisychain up to 4 GBX20 modules
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D7 - EXT-18LCD
The Snom D7 expansion module for IP Phones is a high-performance, high-resolution, easy-to-use sidecar module. It can be used in small business and medium to corporate environments for receptionists, executives or call center monitoring administrators.
LCD ScreenMonochrome Programmable VMPKs softkeys18 Extension Module ExpansionYes - daisy-chain up to 3 (D7's)
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