Snom D7 LCD Expansion Module Sidecar - Attendant console 18 keys with LEDs

D7 - EXT-18LCD
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Snom D7 Expansion Module for Snom IP Phones

D7 snom expansion module with LED keys litThe D7 is a high-performance, high-resolution, easy-to-use expansion module. It can be used in small business and medium to corporate environments for receptionists, executives or call center monitoring administrators or training centers.

It provides users who experience high call coverage with greater flexibility and increased productivity. The D7 expansion module enhances the 700 series by adding 18 programmable keys with LED's to deliver features such as speed dial, busy lamp field and presence indication. The D7 expansion module is available in black and white.

Snom D7 Expansion Module Compatible IP Phones

Models which are compatible with this expansion module are the Snom:  D715, D725, D735, D745, D765 and the D785.

Snom D7 Specs and Basic Feature Sets

The high-resolution display provides an ideal visual interface. The D7 connects to the telephone via a USB cable, and up to three expansion modules can be daisy chained to add 54 function keys. The final D7 in the chain provides a USB port to connect other peripheral devices such as a USB headset. When more than one D7 is used with a telephone, additional external power is needed.

  • Supports all 700 series telephones with USB ports
  • High-resolution graphical display with back light
  • 18 freely programmable multi-colour LED function keys
  • Dual-angle foot stand: 46° and 28°
  • Fully configurable via host phone
  • 18 highly configurable self-labeling LED keys
  • High-resolution black & white display with back light
  • Daisy chain up to 3 modules
  • Plug and play
  • Power supplied by phone via USB port for first D7 module


  • High-resolution graphical display with back light
  • 18 freely programmable multi-colour LED function keys
  • Dual-angle foot stand: 46° and 28°
  • Daisy chain set-up with 2 or more combined
  • Fully configurable via host phone
  • Powered by host phone


  • Plug and Play
  • Completely configurable via host phone
Brand Manufacturer:
Snom Canada
Product Code:
D7 - EXT-18LCD
Equipment Use Type:
IP Phone Accessory Addon


LCD Screen:
Programmable softkeys - VMPKs:
Extension Module Expansion:
Yes - daisy-chain up to 3 (D7's)
USB Port:
Base Stand Included:
Yes - 2 angle positions available


Multilanguage Support:

NOTE: Some Telephony features listed above may require interoperability with-in a PBX phone system environment set-up. Some features listed are relate to 'device specific manufacturer specifications' only. When used with a compatible PBX Phone System some SIP client devices (IP Phones) have additional feature become available when used in conjunction with the PBX itself. IE: Call Park / Call Return is a function 'on a PBX system configuration'. It will become a usable feature on the SIP Client / IP Phone device in conjunction with the PBX main system.

D7 Datasheet - English (snom_D7_datasheet_en_1-1-1.pdf, 5,150 Kb) [Download]