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Boardroom table and Conference IP Phones are sufficiently different than regular desk top telephone devices. They are specifically designed for larger rooms with a wider field of audio microphone capture.

Conference room table phones can have a single main device console (used for dialing, accepting / receiving calls). To broaden the field of audio capture in the room - expansion microphone modules are generally used - especially in larger corporate meeting room environments.

New technologies on the market ring in the digital video calling age with additional camera and SIP Video calling expansion modules, as well as integrate with PBX Phone systems for business.

Some of the conference room ip / boardroom phone devices we carry also offer Android app store and other third party app integration to extend further functionality and features.

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The Grandstream GAC2570 is a powerful audio conferencing experience with high-end features, an exceptional H. D. (High Definition) Audio speaker and 12 omni-directional microphones to suit conference and meeting rooms of all sizes. Designed for tel-conferencing, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.
LCD Screen7 inch Colour Touchscreen Programmable VMPKs softkeysYes Extension Module ExpansionOptional GMD1208 dual wireless extension microphones - up to 2 WiFi CapableYes - WiFi AC6 PoE - Power Over Ethernet
$1,099.99 $989.99
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An Android based conference / boardroom table IP Phone solution, the GAC2500, delivers a modern design paired with HD audio and a suite of productivity-focused features.
LCD Screen4.3 inch Colour Touchscreen Extension Module ExpansionYes - daisy-chain with 2 (GAC2500) WiFi CapableYes PoE - Power Over Ethernet
$589.99 $549.99
You save: $40.00
In stock
The Yealink CP920 Touch-sensitive HD IP Conference Phone features a sharp 3.1″ graphical LCD backlit display and 360° voice pick up range which allows you to be heard anywhere in the room, clearly - up to 6 meters or 20 feet.
LCD ScreenMonochrome WiFi CapableYes PoE - Power Over Ethernet
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