GrandStream GBX20 Expansion Module Sidecar - GRP Series Phones

Grandstream GBX20 Expansion / Reception module

Grandstream GBX20 is an expansion sidecar module designed to expand LED and programmable buttons for heads up display of phone system extensions, speed dials and other programmable functions. Also known as a switchboard module, this IP Phone accessory can be used with multiple GRP Series IP Phones for general office users, call centre admins, executives and other staff functions.

This IP Phone accessory supports traditional call features on each of its programmable buttons, including bridged line appearance/shared call appearance, busy lamp fields, call park/pick-up, speed dial, presence, intercom, and conference/transfer/forward, BLF / extension lists and much more.

Users can enjoy the added productivity that the GBX20 brings with its rich features and sleek modern design.

GBX20 Grandstream Extension Switchboard features

The GBX20 extension module provides greater switchboard control for high-call volume users with its back-lit LCD display, programmable BLF and Speed Dial keys and additional contacts/extensions per module. Expand IP phone features with a larger view over details on a phone system for busy offices, receptionists, call centres, and other control & command phones.

  • 4.3 inch (272x480) TFT color LCD
  • 20 per page (each module contains 2 pages, for up to 40 lines per module)
  • Combine up 4 daisy-chained modules for 160 contacts/extensions
  • BLF, call park /pick-up, speed-dial, presence, intercom, voice conferencing transfer/forward and more
  • Supported models include: GRP2615, GRP2624, GRP2650, GRP2670, GXv3350 and GXV3450 to name a few.

GBX20 Expandable options

Each module supports visibility for up to 40 additional contacts and extensions, while also supporting the ability to connect up to 4 modules to compatible Grandstream phones for visibility on up to 160 new contacts/extensions.

GBX20 switchboard module with GRP2615 IP PhoneGBX20 switchboard module with GXV3350 IP PhoneGRP2624 with GBX20 switchboard module

Brand Manufacturer:
SKU - Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
IP Phone Accessory Addon
LCD Screen:
4.3 inch Colour
Programmable VMPKs softkeys:
20 per page - x2 scrolling pages = 40
Extension Module Expansion:
Yes - daisychain up to 4 GBX20 modules
USB Port:
Base Stand Included:
Yes - 2 angle positions available
Wall Mount Included:
No - Sold Separately
Auto Provisioning Configuration:
Yes - with GrandStream PBX-UCMs
Multilanguage Support:
In stock
Other Details
LCD Screen4.3 inch Colour