PBX System Set-up Scenarios

Here you will find a few PBX set-up scenarios and configuration ideas we have implemented with our customers over the years. Our PBX Phone Systems provide flexible feature sets, allowing your business to communicate in different ways.

Common for most single office / small businesses:

Set-up as a single company phone system with Auto-Admin (IVR: Inter-active Voice Response) so callers can ring different departments or people directly.

single small business office pbx set-up option

Set-up for multi-company calling:

You have two or three (or more) different businesses all at the same location, each company phone number can ring differently, or into different Auto-Admin / IVR menus, and callers can reach different people depending on the company they called.

multi-company pxb set-up scenario 2

Set-up and use Multi-Language support:

Callers call in and can choose a language, and reach the appropriate language departments/extensions depending on their requirements.

multi language phone system settings

Use multi-location / remote worker VoIP features:

If you have remote home workers, people who travel, or remote satellite offices where you want to keep calling and hardware costs low - use VoIP features on the system to allow the remote workers to connect using lower cost desk/cordless phones, SIP Apps/Mobile Device Apps (iPhone and Android), or PC SIP Applications to make and receive calls in/out of the main branch system.

multi-location remote worker SIP VoIP phone system

Centralized-to-Branch offices:

Say you have a main office, and ten branch offices, set-up just phone(s) at the branch offices to connect and share the same company system as one internal network. Provide your customers with a single phone number, reach all stores/branches/offices from the single system at your main office.

central office multi-branch phone system

Call Centers and Departmentalize Services:

Customer service, support and other groups can be set-up with call center functions. It includes "Supervisor" call monitoring functions (Listen in / whisper-talk to worker only / barge into conversation functions) for calling parties, as well as Live Call Recording and call center reporting features for Supervisors and Department Administrators.

call center set-up phone system

Bridge offices from across the country:

If both offices have the same phone system - connect the two PBX systems and peer together to share resources and work as a single "Networked" telecommunication system. Dial extensions directly between the systems with-out having to call the other office's "phone lines/numbers". Work as one internally structured company.

This also allows time zone management for callers - one office closes, the second office can automatically "switch in" to handle after hours calls coming in from the closed office.

bridge offices, multi-branch telecommunications

And then there's really complicated too:

Yup, we've done it, a few times before...and some even more complex.

complex multi-company phone system set-up

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