GrandStream UCM6308A Business IP-PBX - Voice / Audio Capable System

GrandStream UCM6308A Audio / Voice IP-PBX Telecomm System:

The Grandstream UCM6308A medium to large corporate business IP-PBX Phone System with 150 VoIP (Voice-over-IP) line capabilities and 8 Analog (RJ11 / PSTN) Telephone lines and 8 analog RJ11 extension ports.

This telephone communication system has all features included with no extra license or monthly carrying cost! It is designed for medium and large businesses where both local and remote users can do audio and video calling with a higher volume of calls. This system is excellent for call center and multi-company businesses that need a total telecommunication solution with lots of room for growth and expansion.

The UCM 6308A offers both regular business telephone features, and It is designed for larger Conference Calling / Group Audio calling for businesses requiring a full in house phone solution with-out added monthly costs. One of the key features of this phone system is it's 6 Core Processor which allows for heavy loads and a larger capacity of users.

UCM6308A Audio / Voice telecommunications

The rack mount design allows for easy server room integration, with 8 (FXO) analog telephone line ports which can be used as primary or back-up telephone lines. There is also room for 8 analog extensions (FXS) which can be used for back-up extensions, fax machines or more. Or, use the built in Fax Capabilities to send / receive faxes at the desk.

The Grandstream UCM6308A also houses faster and larger memory on board for processing throughput with video and ample room for storage for call recording storage.

UCM6308A Main Grandstream Specifications:

With a 6 Core processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of flash memory this IP PBX appliance provides secure enterprise-grade features.

No licensing fees required and no additional costs for features. No recurring monthly fees.

Grandstream UCM6308A IP-PBX Call Features:

These systems include all in telephony features such as:

  • Auto-Attendants / IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Multi-site / Multi-company connections
  • Call Center Set-up + Call Reporting Functions
  • Live Built-in Auto/Manual Call Recording
  • CDR-Call Detail Records
  • Zero-Config (for Phone Extensions)
  • Call Park/Orbit, Hold, Transfer, Follow-me,
  • Time Mode Scheduling
  • Automated System Back-ups
  • Fax to email, and much more...

The GrandStream UCM6204 supports up to 200 concurrent SIP calls, up to 150 concurrent secure calls, and up to 150 conference participants.

  • 8 FXO (analog telephone line ports).
  • 8 FXS (analog extension ports).
  • Supports up to 1,500 users (SIP + 8 FXO).
  • 150 SIP trunks.
  • Up to 200 concurrent calls.
  • Triple Gigabit RJ45 ports with integrated PoE Plus (IEEE 802.3At-2009).
  • Based on Asterisk 16 platform.
  • Easy to use webGUI interface with access to all features and functions for system administrator.
  • Individual user webGUI access for extension users to access personal settings, call recordings, faxes, etc.
  • Zero configuration provisioning of Grandstream SIP endpoints.
  • Comprehensive network security protection using SRTP, TLS and HTTPS with hardware encryption accelerator, Fail2ban, Whitelist, Blacklist, alerts and more to protect against attacks.

UCM6300's IP-PBX Remote PC and Mobile workforce solutions

The IP-PBX UCM Series Phone Systems also include a suite of integrated solutions for small office, medium business and corporate connectivity and workflow.

ucm 63xx remote connect solutionsUCM RemoteConnect allows businesses to easily build a secure collaboration solution for remote workers and devices.

It offers a companion cloud service for the UCM6300 series that provides always on, automatic NAT firewall traversal to ensure secure connections by remote users. UCM RemoteConnect provides powerful audio and video collaboration tools to remote users through Grandstream’s Wave mobile and desktop app, GUV series of USB personal collaboration devices and SIP endpoints integrated with the UCM6300 series.

By providing a full eco-system of remote collaboration tools, services and management for the UCM6300 series, UCM RemoteConnect is the ideal platform for any organization looking to securely support remote workers.

GS Wave Mobile cell and PC calling app(NOTE: Video not capable on this system. For Video capable systems - visit our PBX Phone System page and select from Voice+Video Capable phone system.)

The GS Wave app allows users to connect to their existing work / office extension. Work from home or when traveling to make and receive calls on the go.

GS Wave is a FREE soft phone application which allows users to make and receive voice/video calls through business or residential SIP accounts on any iPhone or Android™ device (version 4.1+) from anywhere in the world, via either cellular data or WiFi.

With Grandstream GW Wave - business and residential home workers users always have access to their SIP lines and can easily keep in touch with business or personal contacts without using expensive cellular data plans or third party solutions.

Brand Manufacturer:
SKU - Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
IP-PBX Phone System Main Box
System Functionality :
Max. Call Capacity :
SIP Extension Capacity :
VoIP Trunk Capacity :
Analog (FXO) Phone Line Capacity :
Analog (FXS) Extension Ports :
Gigabit Network Ports:
Three self-adaptive Gigabit ports (switched, routed or dual mode) with PoE+
Expandable Storage Memory:
Yes - 2x USB + SD Card or powered USB drive
6 Core Processor
Internal Memory:
4 GB RAM and 128GB flash
Multi-Site Connect :
IVR - Auto Admins :
Multi-level - Up to five levels
Multi-Company Capable :
Live Call Recording Server :
CRD (Call Detail Records) :
Multi-Language Support :
Yes, Standard Installed and downloadble language sets
Security :
Yes - SRTP - TLS and HTTPS encyrption
Call Queue - Call Center Functions :
Call Monitoring - Call Recording :
Auto Configure SIP Endpoints :
Manual Configure SIP Endpoints :
Fax Functions - Fax to Email :
Conference System :
Conference Scheduling - Auto-Emails Notification :
Back-up - Recovery - Automation :
Yes - Scheduled+Manual - Configuration - Partial - Select & Full Back-up options + Call Recordings
Back-up to Remote Locations :
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Great for small business on the grow, and transitioning to VoIP with 8 analog primary lines or for use as back-up lines.

System FunctionalityVOICE/AUDIO ONLY CAPABLE Max. Call Capacity200 Processor6 Core Processor