Yeastar EX08 Module Expansion Card - RJ-11 Modules

Yeastar EX08 Card for RJ-11 Modules

Yeastar EX08 is an expansion board for support with up to eight (8x) external RJ-11 ports (FXO / FXS). It allows for up to four internal card slots when expanding compatible Yeastar PBX Phone Systems. The EX08 works with the Yeastar S100 or S300 IP-PBX to give custom functionality to your VoIP phone system.

These modules can be used with the expansion board card: (S2) 2 FXS*, (O2) 2 FXO*, (S0) 1 FXS/1 FXO*, GSM / 3G*, LTE / 4G*.

Expansion Board Features

  • 4 modules per card EX08, multiple mixed variations of modules allowed.
  • Provides up to 8x RJ-11 ports per card installed.
  • Add up to 2 expansion cards with the S100.
  • Add up to 3 boards on the Yeastar S300.

*Canada Carrier and port standards compatible with modules listed.

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YeaStar Canada
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IP-PBX Accessory Equipment
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