Yeastar GSM Module - 3G Cellular Back-up or Mobile Calling

Yeastar GSM Module - 3G Cellular Mobile Expansion

The Yeastar GSM module card allows you to insert a GSM / SIM card to use with the Yeastar PBX phone systems as a primary or back-up calling fail-over solution. It provides GSM cellular phone service to the main PBX system.

Yeastar GSM Back-up calling solution

This module simply plugs into the main board / snaps in and you insert your 3G GSM / SIM card to enable and activate cellular / mobile calling back-up and fail-over phone service. NOTE:  SIM card / mobile service is NOT included. You will need to activate separate services with a carrier and obtain a SIM card to use the GSM calling features.

  • Module has 1 GSM port to terminate GSM 3G networks
  • GSM Channels: 1 channel Network Types: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (quad-band)
  • GSM Engine: SIMCom
  • Transmitter Power: +33 dBm (2W) 850/900 MHz, +30 dBm (1W) 1800/1900 MHz
  • SIM Card: 1 SIM per channel, small plug-in, 3V

Other highlight features of the YST-GSM 3G

  • May allow for SMS messaging services with certain carriers in Canada
  • Also allows for VoLTE calling with supported Canadian Carriers
  • Adaptive Caller ID functions once enabled

These expansion modules are "push pin" snap in type expansion boards which are easy to install by most users. Simply unplug your PBX System for electrical safety before installing, remove the cover and pop in the card into the compatible slot on your phone system model, or the EX08/expansion cards to begin using once installed.

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YeaStar Canada
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IP-PBX Accessory Equipment
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