Yeastar S2 - FXS Module - Expansion 2 FXS (EXTENSION) Ports

Yeastar S2 Module - 2x FXS port expansion

The Yeastar S2 Module (2 FXS) allows for 2 additional FXS ports (Analog Extensions) to terminate two analog phone extensions. The S2 Module 2 FXS is compatible with Yeastar S-Series PBX phone systems.

Yeastar S2 Module Overview

A module with 2 FXS ports to terminate two analog user extensions for older analog telephones. This card can be used directly with the S412, S20 and S50 Yeastar S-Series models. To use this module with the S100 and S300, you will require 1 or more EX08 expansion cards.

These expansion modules are "push pin" snap in type expansion boards which are easy to install by most users. Simply unplug your PBX System for electrical safety before installing, remove the cover and pop in the card into the compatible slot on your phone system model, or the EX08/expansion cards to begin using once installed.

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YeaStar Canada
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IP-PBX Accessory Equipment
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