YeaStar S412 PBX Phone System VoIP Hybrid

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Choose or change any additional FXO/FXS/GSM-3G modules on the Module Add-on page. See module page for additional options.

Max. Call Capacity8 ProcessorA9 ARM quad-core

YeaStar S412 Small Business PBX Phone System Brief

This SOHO (Small office / Home Office) and start-up business phone system comes packed with features. It is also a Modular Design - allowing flexible set-up and configuration for most small group users.

This is an VoIP+ analog line telephone basic phone system with robust features for it's start-up or entry level class. Designed specifically around regular analog desk phones and POTS (Plain old telephone line) service needs. This model is specifically for small workgroup business use in offices with 1 to 10 employees, where low call volume occurs. The S412 still offers the same great call group features of other systems with more capacity and higher end VoIP technology.

VoIP PBX calling is standard and this model comes with 8 fixed FXS ports (so you can use "analog telephones" and is customizable with 4 module slots, which allows you a flexible combination of FXS, FXO, BRI and GSM/3G/4G interfaces for telephone services. Additional module mix allows for: 2 module slots for internal FXS extensions (S2 Module only), 2 module slots for FXO/external Analog telephone lines (O2/BRI/GSM/3G/4G Module only).

400+ Phone System Features

This IP-PBX Phone System includes - 400+ Phone System Features which come standard and build-in, including IVR/AutoAttendant, voicemail, email, extension set-up, outbound/inbound routes and more...

ip-pbx phone system features

Basic features of YeaStar S412 VoIP phone system

If you're keeping older analog desk phones, and not planning to expand into higher end IP or VoIP based systems, the S412 is perfect for you. It is generally used in smaller offices or businesses where using IP technology is a concern or to reduce outlay costs to bare minimum. This model still provides the same great features as other models, with-out larger VoIP capacity. The 4 line, 12 analog extension ports still offer generous POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Service) for hardwired telecommunications.

The module design architecture of this system also allows for adding GSM / 3G / 4G LTE for access issues where even analog telephone lines are a problem. Add calling using mobile network connection and VoIP as an added back-up solution to analog lines or internet service calling through SIP/VoIP trunks.

linkus yeastar mobile device pc appYeaStar S412 Unified Communications

The S412 works with Yeastar Linkus UC softphone and Linkus Cloud Service - experience the ultimate convenience of doing business anywhere, on any device.

Connect - Eliminate complexity and connect on any device anywhere with Linkus UC Softphone.
Communicate - Voice, conferencing, messaging. Get all advanced features for smarter conversations.
Collaborate - Corporate Directory. Presence. File Sharing. It’s about the team-up.
CRM Integration - Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook Contacts, Google Contacts.

linkus pc connectLinkUS Mobile Device App includes: HD VoIP Calls, Presence information, Company directory listing, Instant Messaging, Conferencing, SRTP Secure Media, Advanced call handling.

Check your voicemails and call in/out of the office main PBX System lines. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

LinkUS PC includes the mobile features and a few additional ones, such as: File sharing, CRM integration.


Multiple Third Party IP Phone Device Integration

YeaStar is one of the only manufacturer who fully integrates Automatic Provisioning of third party IP Phones. That's right - they integrate with other popular brand manufacturers' SIP endpoints - right out of the box. Third party device provisioning is available for these IP Phone brands available here at YeaLink, GrandStream, Snom, Panasonic, Mitel, Cisco, Alcatel, Fanvil, and more.

Auto-provisioning is also available for YeaStar Gateways - allowing you to expand your Analog to SIP telephone line capacity with different YeaStar IP-PBX phone system supported models.


Brand Manufacturer:
YeaStar Canada
SKU - Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
IP-PBX Phone System Main Box
Max. Call Capacity :
SIP Extension Capacity :
VoIP Trunk Capacity :
Analog (FXO) Phone Line Capacity :
Analog (FXS) Extension Ports :
Gigabit Network Ports:
1 WAN - 1 LAN - 10/100 only
Expandable Storage Memory:
Yes - TF (TransFlash) Card
A9 ARM quad-core
Internal Memory:
5000 minutes - expandable
Multi-Site Connect :
IVR - Auto Admins :
Multi-Company Capable :
Live Call Recording Server :
CRD (Call Detail Records) :
Multi-Language Support :
Supports SIP Video :
SIP Video Codecs :
H.264 - H.263 or H.263+
Security :
Yes - SRTP - TLS and HTTPS encyrption
Auto Configure SIP Endpoints :
Manual Configure SIP Endpoints :
Fax Functions - Fax to Email :