GrandStream DP760 Repeater - VoIP SIP DECT - For DP750 base

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GrandStream DP760 repeater - range extender details

The DP760 is a powerful repeater for wide band HD DECT cordless phone system. It auto associates with GrandStream DP750 DECT Base Station (used with DP720 Cordless IP Phones (sold separately)) to offer extended range for small, medium and large business and residential users.

This range extender expands wireless IP Phone range another 300 meters outdoors, and 50 meters indoors in addition to the main DP750 base station itself. Generally you would want to place this device near the out edge of the range of the main base station to allow maximum site coverage for the cordless IP Phones.

Brand Manufacturer:
Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
Range Extenders


Gigabyte - 10 100 1000 Network:
Yes - 1 Gigabit port
PoE - Power Over Ethernet:
HD Audio:
Box Contains:
Device - power cord - network cord
Wall Mount Included:


Auto Provisioning Configuration:
Yes - with GrandStream PBX-UCMs
Line Capacity:

NOTE: Some Telephony features listed above may require interoperability with-in a PBX phone system environment set-up. Some features listed are relate to 'device specific manufacturer specifications' only. When used with a compatible PBX Phone System some SIP client devices (IP Phones) have additional feature become available when used in conjunction with the PBX itself. IE: Call Park / Call Return is a function 'on a PBX system configuration'. It will become a usable feature on the SIP Client / IP Phone device in conjunction with the PBX main system.

DP760 Datasheet - English (datasheet_dp760_english.pdf, 680 Kb) [Download]