Grandstream GUV3005 HD USB Wired Headset with Noise Canceling Mic

Grandstream GUV3005 USB Headset / Mic Details

The Grandstream GUV3005 is a HD USB Headsets that pairs with laptops, computers, IP phones and other devices to offer high-quality sound. Ideal for remote workers and busy environments, receptionists and control centre sales and support staff. This headset is a light to medium duty design for busier applications through-out the day, but sturdy enough for all day use.

The key difference between the GUV3000 and the GUV3005 is this model includes a busy light to indicate a call in progress.

These USB headsets feature a noise cancellation microphone that minimizes background noise to provide crisp HD audio. The GUV3005 provides all day comfort thanks to adjustable headbands and soft ear cushions while audio is easily adjusted using the in-line controls.

They support all major third-party communication platforms, apps and soft phones as well as Grandstream’s IPVideoTalk Meetings and Wave app. By offering crystal-clear HD audio, comfortable use and wide compatibility, the GUV series is ideal for remote workers, call centres, receptionists, sales teams and more.

GUV3005 Key Features

  • The GUV3005 includes a busy light to indicate a call in progress
  • HD Audio for crystal clear and easy communication
  • GUV series headsets are compatible with any device that offers a USB connection, including laptops and Grandstream IP phones.
  • USB connection provides flexibility on any device with USB compatibility
  • Noise cancelling technology to minimize background noise
  • Offers an adjustable headband, in-line controls and left or right wearing style
  • Compatible with any USB device, supports third party and Grandstream platforms, apps and soft-phone

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