Grandstream GUV3050 Bluetooth Wireless Headset - Dual Headphones

Grandstream GUV3050 Overview Details

The Grandstream GUV3050 is a HD Bluetooth Wireless Headset that pairs with laptops, computers, IP phones and other devices to offer high-quality and crystal clear H.D. (High Definition) sound. This wireless headset also has a built in Medium-length boom arm with Noise Cancelling unidirectional microphone. Designed for daily and regular use around the office and call centre for medium to heavy use users.

This headset provide crystal-clear digital HD audio and easily pairs with other Bluetooth devices. The dual padded headphones are comfortable and easy to use with a wide variety of compatibility.= with other Bluetooth enabled devices. Controls include on the headset are: Hook off/on, Mic Mute, Speaker volume up/down on headset; Red lights on both ear cups are activated automatically when on a call.

The GUV3050 is ideal for local and remote business workers, in the office and home office workers, call centers, receptionists, sales teams and more.

Grandstream GUV3050 Basic Specifications

  • HD Audio for crystal clear and easy communication
  • Class 2, Bluetooth 4.2 compatible and can be paired with up to two devices at the same time
  • Noise-Shield - noise cancelling technology to minimize background noise
  • Integrated ring-shaped busy lights on both sides of headset to indicate a call in progress
  • Offers an adjustable headband, in-line controls and left or right wearing style
  • USB adapter and charging base station included

Grandstream GUV3050 Boom Microphone Headset

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IP Phone Accessory Addon
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*Up to 12 hours
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BlueTooth Only
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Cordless Power Consumption*Up to 12 hours BlueTooth Integrated