GrandStream GXP2170 IP Phone Reception Executive Expandable

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The GrandStream GPX2170 IP Phone - The low down...

grandstream gxp2170 expandable ip phone

This IP Phone is an expandable reception, call center supervisor or executive desk telephone that allows for 48 on screen BLF/speed dial programmable buttons. The full colour 4.3 inch LCD screen can scroll left to right for VMPK/multi-programmable LED button views, and allows for up to four GXP2200EXT extension modules to further expand programmable LED button + line/extension appearance.

It has superior HD audio performance through both the handset and speaker+microphone for better conversation whether in a regular call or doing conference calls.

GrandStream GXP2170 Feature Highlights

It can be used as a stand alone with web-based set-up features for our VoIP Sip Trunk Service - or used as and integrated phone with GrandStream UCM / IP-PBX phone systems. The phone can be auto-provisioned from the main phone system when used with the UCM/PBX using various different methods including Zero-Config features.

It supports both BlueTooth (with most earpiece headsets on the market), as well as EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) headset connections. The Dual switching PoE capable power means you only need a PoE network connection to use it. You can also port your PC through the extra LAN port on the back of the phone in cases where you do not have two network wired connections at your desk. The phone will act as a "network switch" - like most of the IP Phone models we carry.

GrandStream GXP2170 IP Phone Expandable Options

Whether you're using as a Reception control board phone, Call Center control board, or Executive phone - the GrandStream GXP2170 offers broad expandable and flexible key-set options for monitoring callers, extension users on the system and for your own calling needs. Add up to four expansion modules and use either BlueTooth headsets or EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) Headsets...

ehs and bluetooth headset accessoriesip phone accessories plusexpandable grandstream ip phone

The full colour 4.3 inch main LCD screen can also be programmed for up to four separate screens to scroll left and right to cycle through each screen set. You can program the main 12 button LED indicators VMPK (Virtual Multi-Purpose Key) for: BLF / speed dial, vmail, call park / call monitoring, transfer, conference and a variety of other PBX phone system related functions or individual use key functions.

GXP2170 Main Feature Set

  • 12 lines, 6 SIP accounts, 5 soft keys and 5-way voice conferencing
  • 48 on-screen digitally customizable BLF/speed-dial keys
  • 4.3 inch (480x272) color-screen LCD
  • Dual Gigabit ports, integrated PoE
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Supports up to four GXP2200EXT Modules for BLF/speed-dial access to up to 160 contacts

Programmable on screen LED Buttons

Up to 48 LED indicators can be programmed (12 buttons across 4 scrolling screen sets) - in addition to expansion module features.

gxp21xx programmable LED button sets

Note: Dramatization only.
Phone cannot be programmed for Weapons of Mass (or, minor) Destruction, such as 'Mom's Pot Roast'.
But, you can program an 'ORDER COFFEE' speed dial button!

Brand Manufacturer:
Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:


Yes - HD (High Definition)
LCD Screen:
4.3 inch TFT Colour
Programmable softkeys - VMPKs:
Extension Module Expansion:
Yes - daisy-chain up to 4 (GXP2200EXT)
Gigabyte - 10 100 1000 Network:
Yes - 2 Dual Gigabit - 1 LAN + 1 PC Bridge Port
PoE - Power Over Ethernet:
BlueTooth Integrated:
HD Audio:
HeadSet Support:
Yes - RJ9 - plus EHS support
USB Port:
Yes - background images and screen saver functions
Box Contains:
IP phone - handset and cord - base stand - network cable - installation guide
Base Stand Included:
Yes - 2 angle positions available
Wall Mount Included:


Auto Provisioning Configuration:
Yes - with GrandStream PBX-UCMs
Line Capacity:
SIP Accounts Supported:
Multilanguage Support:
Conference Calling Support:
Yes - 5 way audio
Encryption: Standard - TLS - SRTP:


Call Forwarding:
Call Log - Redial:
Call Park:
Call Pick-up:
Call Transfer:
Call Waiting:
Downloadable PhoneBook (XML - LDAP):
Flexible dial plan:
Hot Desking:
Message Waiting Indicator:
Off-Hook Auto-dial:
Personalize Music On Hold:
Personalize Ring Tones:
Server Redundancy and Fail-over:
Volume Up - Volume Down:
XML Context SoftKeys:
XML Customization of Screen:

GXP2170 Datasheet - English (datasheet_gxp2170_english.pdf, 938 Kb) [Download]