Snom M85 Rugged Industrial Cordless Office IP Phone - Handset Only

Snom M85 Rugged Cordless IP Phone Details

The Rugged IP65 rated M85 industrial cordless handset has been developed for the most demanding day-to-day commercial and business workplace requirements. This modern IP-DECT phone is especially resilient and shockproof. The M85 also boasts cutting-edge occupational safety features such as integrated dead man’s sensor and an alarm function.

The Snom M85 has been developed for indoor and outdoor use in industrial settings. Not only is the phone’s IP65 rated casing robust and shockproof – it also offers protection from water and dust. Thanks to a wide DECT range, a long-lasting rechargeable battery and integrated Bluetooth, it also offers maximum flexibility in how it is used. With its safety features and its robust construction, it lends itself well to use in special environments such as warehouses, construction sites, etc.

Snom M85 Superior Cordless Features for Business

Snom M85 rugged cordless phone and M700 baseAlarm functions:

Programmable alarm key: the Snom M85 features a fully programmable alarm key. The phone can be programmed to send an automatic cry for help to any chosen number when this key is pressed.

Dead man’s sensor:

Thanks to its integrated location sensors, the Snom M85 comes with a so-called dead man’s feature. If the handset registers an extended period of motionlessness when laid down, if programmed to do so, it will send an emergency message in order that, for example, an unconscious employee can be given assistance. In addition to sensors, the Snom M85 features an optional wrist loop attached to the phone which likewise automatically triggers an alarm or a call for help if suddenly detached from the handset.


The M85 is equipped with Bluetooth and can also be connected to cordless or wired headsets via a 3.5 mm jack. The IP65 rating attests to protection from water and dust and makes the handset especially useful for special industrial areas or on construction sites.

In combination with the M700 base station (Recommended) or M300 base station, the cordless M85 also boasts a wide array of phone functions such as an answering machine, automatic call forwarding, a call list, caller identification and direct searches in the company directory.

Up to 30 handsets can be added per M700 base and multiple base units can be used in a corporate environment for wide area cordless phone call coverage.

M85 - Rugged IP65 Rated Specifications

  • RUGGED IP65 Rated Protective Enclosure:
    Shockproof, Splash-proof, Dust-proof, Operational in temperatures ranging from 5°F to 131°F (-15° and +55° Celsius)
  • 3.5 mm standard phone jack for wired headsets
  • Bluetooth headset compatibility
  • Antenna diversity (two internal omni-directional antennas for better transmission and reception)
  • Talk time: Up to 17 hours - standby approx. 200 hours
  • 2" TFT display (176 x 220 pixels)
  • Backlit keypad with 24 keys
  • Three context-sensitive function keys
  • Three side keys (volume up/down, mute)
  • Tricolor LED indication of missed calls/new voice messages, low battery
  • Range: Indoors: Up to 50 meters - Outdoors: Up to 300 meters
  • Selection of ring tones
  • Comfortable and intuitive menu structure
  • 5 navigation keys (left, right, up, down, OK)
  • HD Speakerphone

Rugged IP65 Touch Controls for Ease of Access

rugged IP65 rating M85 cordless raise buttons

Brand Manufacturer:
Snom Canada
SKU - Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
Cordless - Rugged Handsets
Rugged Features:
Water - Dust - Impact Resistant
Certification Rating 1:
Cordless Power Consumption :
*Up to 12 hours talk time - 200 hours standby time
Yes - HD (High Definition)
BlueTooth Integrated:
HD Audio:
HeadSet Support:
3.5 mm jack - plus BlueTooth
Box Contains:
Handset - Charging Cradle-Base - Battery
Base Stand Included:
Line Capacity:
SIP Accounts Supported:
Multilanguage Support:
Conference Calling Support:
Yes - 3 way audio
Encryption: Standard - TLS - SRTP:
Call Forwarding:
Call Log - Redial:
Call Pick-up:
Call Waiting:
Downloadable PhoneBook (XML - LDAP):
Message Waiting Indicator:
Off-Hook Auto-dial:
Personalize Ring Tones:
Server Redundancy and Fail-over:
Volume Up - Volume Down:
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Rugged FeaturesWater - Dust - Impact Resistant Certification Rating 1IP-65 Cordless Power Consumption*Up to 12 hours talk time - 200 hours standby time BlueTooth Integrated