GrandStream DP750 Cordless Base Unit - VoIP SIP DECT - supports 5 x DP720 Handsets

GrandStream DP750 Cordless Base IP Phone Details

The GrandStream DP750 is a powerful DECT VoIP base station that pairs with up to 5 of Grandstream DP720 DECT handsets (sold separately) to offer mobility to business and residential users. This GrandStream IP-Base is DECT and the DP750 supports a range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors to give users the freedom to move around their work or home space, delivering efficient flexibility.

When used with a GrandStream business IP-PBX phone system, or as a stand alone, multiple bases can be used at the same location. You can also use IP / VoIP technology to connect and use SIP VoIP telephone line service, like ours.

GrandStream DP750 added features

The DP750 base unit cordless IP Phone can also be paired with a DP760 range extender (sold separately) to expand wireless coverage for larger warehouses, office buildings and further outdoors if required. The range extender adds another 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors. Range indoors will depend on the structure and layering of the building materials using in the building. (Handsets sold separately, DP760 range extender sold separately).

Additional features include paired cordless handsets ring group options: Circular, Linear, Parallel and Shared modes.

Brand Manufacturer:
SKU - Product Code:
Equipment Use Type:
Cordless - Base Units - DECT
Gigabyte - 10 100 1000 Network:
Uses 10 100 networking only
PoE - Power Over Ethernet:
HD Audio:
Box Contains:
Device - power cord - network cord
Wall Mount Included:
Auto Provisioning Configuration:
Yes - with GrandStream PBX-UCMs
Line Capacity:
SIP Accounts Supported:
Multilanguage Support:
Conference Calling Support:
Yes - 3 way audio
Encryption: Standard - TLS - SRTP:

DP750 Datasheet - English (datasheet_dp750_english.pdf, 565 Kb) [Download]

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